First Time Fishing On The Water? Don’t Forget To Insure Your Boat

24 August 2018
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If you and your friends plan to go fishing on a boat soon, it's important that you take the right precautions to keep safe. You might stock your boat with plenty of life jackets, food, and water. You may even purchase new phones with Wi-Fi capabilities. But it's also crucial that you insure your boat before you take it out on the water. If something unexpected happens, such as a big storm popping up or a shark attacking your boat, your insurance can help cover the damage. Read More 

How To Hit The Car Insurance Deductible Sweet Spot

18 April 2018
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It is not easy to come up with the "right" amount of car insurance deductible; a low deductible leaves you with high premium while a high deductible may leave you stranded if your car does get damaged and you don't have money. However, there are a few assessments you can make to help you reach the sweet deductible pot that is neither too low nor too high. Here are some of the things you should assess. Read More