Factors That Impact Auto Insurance Premiums

20 June 2017
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If you are in the market for auto insurance, then you need to make sure that your ducks are in a row. There are many different factors that are going to be used to calculate what you are going to be charged for auto insurance, and some of them are actually in your control. If you are able to get some of these factors under control, then you may find yourself saving money on your car insurance. Here are a few of the factors that you can control that are used to calculate how much you are going to pay for your car insurance. 

Type Of Car

One aspect that is going to be used to calculate the amount you are charged for your insurance is going to be the type of car that you drive. it seems unfair, but look at it from the insurance company's point of view. If you are going to insure someone, and you may be financially responsible for mistakes they make, would you rather be financially responsible for someone driving a sports car or a sedan. Simply put the individual in a sports car is much more likely to get into a crash or have a traffic violation. So, the type of car that you are going to be driving will affect your insurance rate. 


It costs money to have insurance, and the insurance company wants to make sure they are going to get paid on time. In order to know that you have a good history with money, the insurance company will check your credit. If you have a good credit score then you are going to save on your insurance. This is simply because they know they will not need to send you to collections. If you have a poor credit score then the insurance company is likely to compensate and charge you more for your insurance. 

Driving Record

If you have a driving record that exhibits smart and safe behaviors then you are likely to get a discounted insurance premium. People that do not have a lot of accidents or traffic violations are easy to insure, because they do not have to spend a lot of money on that individual. If you have a record of bad diving, then you will become expensive to the insurance company. The insurance company is going to recoup that cost by charging more for insurance. 

For the very best insurance premium have a great driving record, drive a safe car, and fix your credit. You may want to talk to the insurance company, like Oliveira Gilbert C Insurance Agency Inc, and see if there are any other ways you can save on your insurance.