Three Questions You Should Ask A Car Insurance Broker Before Hiring Them

23 November 2017
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Working with an auto insurance broker is a bit different than working with an auto insurance agent. An agent works for the insurance company. As such, you call them up and ask for a quote and they provide you with quotes based on the insurance plans they provide. An auto insurance broker does not work for an insurance company; they work for you. They do the work of finding you the best auto insurance policy for your needs at the best price. If you are thinking of working with a broker, here are three important questions you should ask before you decide to work with them. 

Do You Charge Me For Your Services?

One of the questions you will want to ask an auto insurance broker is how they get paid. In some cases, you pay them for the services they provide. In other cases, the company that they sell you an insurance policy through pays them a commission for selling the policy. And some brokers take both a commission and a fee from you. If you are agreeing to pay the broker for their services, always have a contract in writing that states how much you will be paying them. 

What Auto Insurance Companies Do You Have a Relationship With? 

Most auto insurance brokers work with insurance companies that they have a business relationship with. If you are looking for a new policy, always ask what companies the broker has a relationship with. This is important to ask, as there is a strong possibility your new plan will come from one of these companies. If you are adverse to any of these companies, you should let the broker know so they don't price out plans or negotiate with that company for your policy. 

What is Wrong With My Current Auto Insurance Policy? 

The last questions you should ask the broker is what is wrong with your current policy, or what changes they would make when they find you a new policy. Your broker should always look over your existing policy to see what coverage you have and how much you are paying. In some cases, you may be paying too much for your coverage or you may be over or under-insured. The broker should be able to tell you why another policy will be a better fit for you. 

There are many benefits to working with a car insurance broker. Taking the time for the right broker can help to ensure that you are happy with the outcome and the policy they find for you. Knowing what questions to ask can help to make this happen.